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Welpair Assistant, your digital coach for healthy working at the office and at home.

The Welpair Assistant software teaches you the importance of healthy working, gives you insight into how you work now and gives concrete tips on what you can possibly improve. Healthy working, everyone wants it, but how do you get it done?

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Your digital coach

Welpair Assistant software

Welpair Assistant provides pop-ups with concrete tips while working to improve your work behaviour, posture and workspace. On your personal dashboard you can see exactly how you have worked, through visualizations and graphs.

By making smart use of your webcam, the software recognizes you and your work environment. Our AI models translate this into graphs and concrete tips. Of course we think privacy is very important. No one can see or watch you, we don't send images over the internet and your employer can't watch either.

Welpair Assistant helps you with:

  • Take sufficient and timely breaks and stop work on time.

  • A good sitting position with sufficient variety and movement.

  • Remain relaxed and recognize and prevent prolonged stress.

  • Choose a good workspace and set it up properly.

  • Insight into the risks of too much environmental noise or too little light.


From awareness to behavioral change

  • 26% faster to a good working posture through pop-ups.

    After a pop-up, Welpair Assistant users settle down 26% faster than the natural posture change (without pop-up)

  • Welpair makes the link between screen breaks, working posture, workspace and stress.

    The effect of taking sufficient screen breaks on time, among other things, on working posture, workspace and stress is made clear in the dashboard. Welpair Assistant provides personal advice by combining different measurements.

  • The importance of healthy working and concrete tips for improving your personal situation.

    After one week of using Welpair Assistant, participants indicate that they have more insight into what they can improve in concrete terms in their sitting posture, setting the workspace (screen height) and environment (sufficient lighting). After 30 days of use, 60% of the participants indicate that they have actually tackled and changed these matters.

Results from pilot 2021/2022.

Welpair Assistant is here for...

  • Employee

    • Learn how to work healthily with sufficient and timely breaks, a good sitting posture, how to choose a good workspace and set it up properly.
    • Get insight into the risks of long-term screen work, own work situation, work behavior, and address this in time.
    • The personal dashboard gives you insight and advice. What are you doing well and what can you do better?
  • Employer

    • Give employees a tool that informs them about the importance of healthy screen work and how you can achieve it.
    • Identify bottlenecks early at organizational level, such as persistent stress.
    • Welpair provides support at office and home and fits in with the new and hybrid way of working.
Digital coach for healthy working

Experience the Welpair Assistant yourself

Welpair Assistant is an effective tool to enhance your wellbeing. In the long term it can improve your physical and mental health and prevent burnout.

Curious what it can do for you or your organization? Then please fill in your details and start using our digital coach for healthy working, 30 days free of charge.

  • There are no hidden costs and the use of the software stops automatically after 30 days.
  • Before the end of the trial period, we will contact you and ask you if you are interested in continuing to use Welpair Assistant on a paid basis.
  • This promotion is intended for personal use.
  • Welpair Assistant is only available for computers with Windows version 10 or newer.

Welpair Solutions BV

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